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Our Deepest Sympathies..

Fellow members of Outcast Gamers, it is with deep regret that we are posting this message.

One of our members, Chloe a.k.a. “JustChloePlaysMC” has passed away. The circumstances of this passing relate to incidents of cyber-bullying, which we do not condone or tolerate here at Outcast Gamers. Chloe was also a member of RGN, and Dead Inc., which are now under the OG banner. She was a vibrant member of these communities, and was bringing that personality to Outcast Gamers. Her brother Noah brought this to our attention, and we wish that we would have known sooner that these incidents were taking place so they could have been handled and we would still have her bright light with us.

Being a member of Outcast Gamers, we are a community that is inclusive of everyone, and we support all of our members. If you experience any form of bullying, we want you to report it to our staff so it can be handled. Our staff will ensure that all reports are confidential, and all matters of cyber-bullying are investigated fully. If you experience any form of cyber-bullying, please, please report it to staff with details, screenshots, or recordings so that we can follow-up.

 We want to remind all of our members that we will always be supportive of our community, and we ask that our community are supportive of others. Again, we want to remind everyone that cyber-bullying is a very serious thing, and Outcast Gamers has a zero-tolerance policy. Play safe, and always be kind to others. If you have any questions regarding cyber-bullying, please message a member of Outcast staff.